Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Trend Alert

I predicted the sheer lace movement and was delighted by winter's heritage revival. Here are my trend alerts for Winter Twenty-Ten.

Roberto Cavalli wowwed the hipster elite when he sent a completely shredded taupe sweater down the runway and demanded $510 for it. He did a brave thing that day. He also inspired Urban Outfitters, Wasteland, and Willow & Clay to peddle much cheaper versions to a curious public.

I'm still not sure how I feel about dropping dough on something extremely DIY-able, but then again I'm seriously lazy. So it may come to that.

If you've been shopping for shoes lately, it's hard to ignore the plethora of mid-calf to thigh-high boots everywhere. Even the department stores are trickled with them in faux suede and rubber souls. I've already scoped out a pair from Target that I may require to exist.

But the boot thing, for all its fabulousity, is a little obvious.

If you really want to break with convention, the Next Great Shoe will be a revival on vintage '70s cut-out wooden platforms. This trend hasn't broken yet, but it's starting to appear in online exclusives and Los Angeles boutiques. I'm a big fan.

A quick search on Etsy led to some fabulous results "for any budget" as magazines like to exclaim. Again, I must implore you to pick up a pair of sweater tights when you rock these (they're open-toe, after all). So cute.

Katamari Forever,
Sabrina London

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